Twin Peaks Bar

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401 Castro St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 864-9470

Twin_Peaks_Tavern_Castro_San_Francisco_1Twin Peaks bar is know as the gateway to the Castro. It has the best view in the Castro any day, any time. With floor to ceiling windows that look out upon the hustle of Market and Castro this is a must see for any would be Castro traveler. From inside you can grab a cocktail or a fine beer from a wide selection on tap then relax while taking in the view. Twin Peaks bar is often referred to as the gay Cheers located on the historic corner of Market and Castro under the oscillating rainbow arrow, offers regulars the comforts of home, and visitors a warm welcome to the neighborhood and one of San Francisco's greatest assets.

Twin Peaks Tavern has lots of nicknames, from innocuous, "gateway to the Castro" to historic "the first gay bar" to snarky "the crystal casket," "the last stop," "the glass coffin". Twin Peaks, founded in 1972 by two lesbians, was certainly not the first gay bar; it was, however, the first with huge windows to the outside, so that passers-by -- guys on the scene and cops on the beat alike -- could see the proud crowd inside. The place still has its ferny '70s trappings: wooden bar, fake Tiffany lamps and the fabled picture window. It might also seem (especially on weekend afternoons) that the patrons haven't changed since then: Twin Peaks is known these days for an older crowd, hence the sarcastic nicknames. But a mellow vibe and great view make Twin Peaks one of the most influential bars in the Castro.