Castro Restaurant News

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To kick off the month of October and all the autumn-related fair that comes with it, released a story on the best places in San Francisco to get food with pumpkin in it.

And then MyCastro was like: “Girl please (hair flip) we can do this much better.”

Everyone’s obsession with pumpkin-flavored-whatever has turned into a year-round obsession that kicks into full-blown crazyness just before Halloween. But there are so many good eats beyond the usual pumpkin-spiced latte for you to enjoy. So we figured, why not see what this lovely neighborhood has to offer in the way of Charlie Brown’s favorite gourd?

Here are some of our favorite pumkin-y delights to found in, and around, the Castro proper.

Dumplings: Starbelly is one of the Castro’s many gems, serving up some of the best of California cuisine. Right now, however, we are interested in their house made pumpkin dumplings. This small plate is dressed with the things that best bring out a pumpkin’s goodness: sage, brown butter and aged goat cheese. Add to it some pumpkin seeds and you have an absolute must for the pumpkin menu.

Curry: Pumpkin curry is a Thai staple, and there are plenty of Thai restaurants along Castro Street that can satisfy such a craving. But Thai Chef has some of the best reviews in town, particularly when it comes to this vegan-friendly red curry dish. Our recommendation if you absolutely must add a protein? Go with shrimp, it compliments the pumpkin best.

Ravioli: Venture just a bit outside of the gayborhood to Lucca Ravioli Co. on Valencia which garners rave reviews for its pastas, notably here their pumpkin ravioli. Lucca’s website recommends serving this dinner pleaser with butter sauce, but also suggests different spices to specialize the dish, ranging from toasted sage to nutmeg.

Soup: Feeling a bit fancy, with a touch of cozy? Samovar Tea Lounge can always fit that bill. Plus, we hear they have a seasonal pumpkin soup that is sure to light your fire.

Ice Cream: So far, everything on our list is perfect for a foggy autumn evening. But we haven’t forgotten that San Francisco gets some of its warmest weather in the month of October. Fear not, you can enjoy pumpkin-y goodness on a hot day too! Our friends at Chow on Church are always serving up seasonal desserts, and now is the time of year that they bust out the pumpkin ice cream. It’s always a hit.

Beer: Oh come on, you didn’t think we were going to make it through a food guide without satisfying your booze needs, did you? Pumpkin drinks can be tricky, but beers and ciders tend to be more forgiving. Venture just outside the Castro to Monk’s Kettle, where we hear they serve up Jolly Pumpkin Beer, perfect for the season. (And since Kai Villegas of MK frame is reportedly handling the beverage situation over at Brewcade, hopefully there will be pumpkin beer there when it opens.)