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Yes, we know, My Castro has a serious crush on small businesses that serves insanely good food.

You know what else we love? A spot that promotes good food and good company.

Like, in-person company. Like, “put your smart phone down and have a conversation with someone” kind of company.

Enter Spike’s Coffee. A tasty, green-friendly independent café that is one of the few coffee hubs in the Western Hemisphere that—drumroll please—doesn’t offer Wi-Fi.

Seriously, when was the last time you went to a coffee shop and didn’t see and least one person glued to their laptop screen with little white Apple earbuds in their ears?

“We don’t have television screens or wireless,” the coffee shop’s tongue-and-cheek website bio boasts

It’s true: I found myself at Spike’s following an all-day picnic at Dolores Park over Pride weekend. At first I was hit by how good my coffee was—or maybe it was the caffeine hit countering all those Park Day mimosas. Then I was struck by how friendly the atmosphere was in the skinny 19th Street space.

Since I was with a large group of people, the lack of technology at Spike’s wasn’t apparent to me at first. But a second trip proved that the spot’s clientele was there with a friend or their dog and was there to have an old-school coffee house experience.

(Now, Spike’s isn’t a total anti-technology dinosaur. It has a website that allows you to order coffee and treats, and even gives you tips on pressing your order of Spike’s beans at home. But instead of keeping you at arms-length behind your keyboard, it encourages you to visit them in the Castro at any time.)

In fact, just about every time you pass by Spike’s, there’s a crowd outside, no matter what day of the week that you pass by.

“So come in, look around, strike up a conversation with a real person,” Spike’s bio continues, “face to face, for a change…”

That encouragement to be neighborly with your fellow café-goers is congruent with Spike’s love for the community. They’re big supporters of the arts, sponsoring Frameline who is responsible for putting on the annual LGBT film festival. They also contribute to Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, a public elementary school just down the street.

Of course, they have great-tasting coffee. I’m a personal fan of their dark roast, although their website insists that you are “only depriving yourself if you haven’t tasted our lattes.” More of a tea person? Spike’s is a great place to grab an iced brew when the temperatures warm up downtown.

Their baked goods are also amazing—because nothing kills a great cup-a-joe than being paired with a meh pastry—and their cookies compliment your coffee experience quite well. Oh, and they offer candy. Seasonal candy, to be exact. And what pairs better with seasonal coffee then seasonal treats?

Spike’s Coffee is open seven days a week. Monday-Saturday from 630am-7pm, and on Sunday 730am-7pm. Want to know more before your next visit? Visit them online at