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By Chelena Goldman

In honor of our ode-to-outdoor-dining this week, we've chosen to take another look at one of our favorite go-to spots: Cafe Flore.

My Castro visited this SF award-winner in April of last year to boast about its delicious cuisine and epic locale. But we decided that we had to go back, because what's a great eatery for if it doesn't invite loyal patrons back for more?

The Duboce Triangle hub has the outdoor seating arrangement of a North Beach trattoria and menu appealing to even the snootiest of foodies.

To commemorate this site's return, we have dissected the menu and put together an end-of-summer meal that is sure to keep your taste buds dancing:


It’s no secret that Café Flore has some mighty tasty appetizers. Question is, what’s the best pick when the temperatures climb and you’re looking for a starter that’s a little on the lighter side?

Why not kick off this dining journey with their house-made hummus and whole wheat pita?

It’s a tasty turn on the usual chips and salsa and packs in the flavor without packing in too many calories.

Extra points for the hummus being house-made. Honestly, who doesn’t love the kitchen actually makes the food for you as opposed to nuking something store-bought in the microwave before it’s served to you?

Une Salade:

Munching on a lighter appetizer leaves room for a tasty salad. And who doesn’t love a little plate of veg on a warm San Francisco day?

All of Café Flore’s choices are tempting. But in keeping with our summer-y theme, might we recommend the house salad. Greens mixed with fuji apples and red onion give this meal starter a tart kick while the sherry vinaigrette holds the flavors together without overwhelming your taste buds.

And this week marks the start of apple-picking season—for those who are outside of California and don’t have access to year-round produce from Trader Joe’s—so you can bet that those fujis will be prime.

The Main Event:

Since you didn’t stuff your face at the start of your visit, you should have plenty of room to indulge in your entrée.

Café Flore boasts mouth-watering main courses to fit everyone’s fancy. For this particular fooding adventure, why not dig into a burger as an ode to the end of grilling season?

Our choice: The shiitake cashew veggie burger. Tasty mushrooms with fontina cheese and a mix of herbs on foccacia bread make for a delicious filler.

Prefer to skip the frou-frou and dig into something a bit heartier? Their avo-gobbler sandwich gives you all the greatness of a club sandwich on whole wheat bread, with steak fries on the side.

Wet Your Whistle:

Oh come on, you didn’t think we would plan a food menu for you not include booze, did you?

A sunny day in the Castro calls for a refreshing beverage to cool down with. A mojito is always a festive warm weather choice, as is indulging in some fruity sangria with you’re the company you have chosen to share your dining experience with.

For those of you out there that prefer to kick back with an icy beer after a hot day, we have you covered too. Get in the San Francisco spirit with an Anchor Steam, which will be delicious with everything on your satisfying My Castro-inspired menu.