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Looking for a cup of coffee that will tickle your taste buds and make your hair stand on end? Philz Coffee has got an array of unique blends and tasty drinks that will surely do the job.

The Philz Coffee in the Castro District, on 1th Street between Noe and Hartford Streets, is small and cozy, but explodes with charm. As soon as you walk in you’ll see interesting art pieces hanging on the ceiling (at the moment they’ve got it stocked with rainbows, unicorns and metal figurines) and friendly baristas ready to take your order.

On your first visit, you may not know exactly what you like — but that’s where the Philz employees’ expertise comes in. Do you like your coffee chocolaty and sweet, but not too sweet? Try a mildly sweet Iced Mocha. Do you like your coffee with a hint of spice and to slap you in the face with caffeine? Try the Tantalizing Turkish coffee. Prefer something with a little mint? Their Iced Coffee Mint Mojito is all the rage.

The best part? They make each cup individually and right in front of you, so each cup is uniquely crafted with love.

Philz History

It all started in 2003, from the humble and passionate roots of Phil Jaber. As he would tell you, Frank Sinatra was born to sing, and Phil Jaber was born to make coffee.

The rest goes like this: About 25 years ago Phil first began experimenting with different beans from around the world with the goal in mind of making really great tasting blends. Phil wanted each blend to be flavorful, complex, rich, smooth and low in acidity. After about 25 years of experimentation and testing, Phil has created more than 30 unique blends that achieve all of this. After perfecting his blends, Phil wanted to make sure each cup was made in a way that brought out all the flavors of the coffee. He wanted a brewing method that would involve his other passion, people and community. Phil believes coffee is personal and social, and he wanted to make sure the coffee making process embodied this and made each cup taste really great. After a long time of testing and research, Phil decided to craft his own coffee station, which would allow him to make each cup individually. This method is similar to a pour-over process but with a twist. From then on, each cup was made one cup at a time, allowing for specificity and diversity in taste for the individual person and brew.

Phil had a corner grocery store, and this store is where he did lots of his experimentation. After perfecting his blends and coffee brewing method, he decided the corner grocery store on 24th and Folsom Street in San Francisco would be the perfect place to start serving the coffee. And the rest is history! For the full history, mission and culture of Philz, click here:

Philz Coffee
4023 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 875-9656