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4072 18th Street
San Francisco CA, 94114
(415) 252-9325

Poesia; an Italian gem in the Castro? Did you even know there was Italian food other than sausage and pizza in the Castro? Surprise!! A poetic marriage of warm Italian wines coupled with hearty romantic Italian food huddles, hidden, like a diamond in the ruff.

Owned and operated by Francesco d’Ippolito, Poesia is nestled in the middle of the vibrant and colorful neighborhood of the Castro. Poesia features the finest in hand-made, traditional ingredients and pastas, combined with meticulous preparation and presentation that is second to none.

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Café Flore

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2298 Market Street @ Now
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-8579

Can't Get Enough of Café Flore

Location, location, location! Café Flore not only has perhaps the greatest location in the Castro, but also the food and the drinks to keep you hanging out for hours any day of the week. Situated on the corner of Noe and Market, Café Flore is the perfect place to people watch. Go to sip coffee drinks, read a book, Facebook your friends to meet you there for happy hour, and then stay for a bite to eat, watch a drag show, and finish with dessert.

This café has been voted best café in San Francisco, and we at agree.  Between the sunny patios, a no wait policy for open tables, and awesome happy hours accompanied by tragic drag queens we'd vote this café "best of" as well.

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Super Duper Burger

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2304 Market Street @ 16th
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 558-8123

Super Duper Delicious

It's scrumptious, high quality, cheap, and fresh: What more could you want from a burger joint? Adriano Paganini's (Owner of Pasta Pomodoro, Starbelly, and Berretta, just to name a few) latest restaurant creation has a simple straight forward menu that is delectable enough for even the most sophisticated diner. However, just because the menu is simple it doesn't mean that the burger is boring. Their special sauce packs a sweet-savory punch, the meat is fresh, ordered daily, and the bun soft and squishy...just the way we like our buns!

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215 Church St. @ Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 621-7000

Chowing Down at Chow a Must

Chow SF - Castro District, San Francisco restaurantGood food and great service: What more could you ask for? Well, Chow doesn't just offer good food; they have a diverse menu for everyone. Or, if you're like me, you can have a different dish every day of the week.

They call it comfort food, but the menu features American, Asian, Italian, Latin, and Mediterranean dishes, to name a few. Don't worry; the chefs haven't spread themselves too thin: Each dish is prepared to perfection. Chow is my go-to spot when I have friends in SF who want to experience the Castro, and I always tell them "Order whatever you want, everything here is good." I've never had a friend or guest leave Chow disappointed. With a kid's menu and lots of vegetarian options, Chow is right for everyone.

I don't know who hires their employees here, but the staff is all extremely friendly, no matter how busy the restaurant is. (Maybe because it's always busy?) Don't be surprised if you walk by the bar and get three or four hellos on the way in, and goodbyes on the way out. The servers know the menu well and are always happy to offer suggestions and guide you to your best selection. The entire staff functions as a team; it's easy to get great service when you feel like everyone in the restaurant is happy to help you.

The dining room is long and there are plenty of great tables. If it's not too windy, I prefer sitting by the window; as we all know, the Castro has the potential for some great people-watching. If the weather is behaving, I always walk to the back and try to find a table at the patio.

It wouldn't be a proper review without a couple negatives, so I have to say that the lack of soda fountain (and free refills) is always a minus in my book. The coconut cream pie is a long-time favorite, but only available sporadically, which is another disappointment. Almost everyone on the staff has an amazing attitude, except for one of the hosts. I think he just sticks out because everyone else has such stellar customer service skills.

Here are some of my favorites, as you can see I have enough favorites to have a different Chow experience every day of the week:

Chow SF - Castro District, San Francisco restaurantLocal Lamb Burger, feta, cucumber, mint & tomato

Sustainable Fish Tacos

Rose's Old-Fashioned Spaghetti with Meatball(s)

Thai-Style Noodles with Steak & Chicken, peanuts, spicy lime-chili-garlic broth

Veggie Burger, side choice

Fennel Sausage Pizza, mozzarella, escarole, tomato, feta

Beef Pot Roast, potato, spring veggies, wine jus








If you live in the Castro and you haven't been to Chow, well, then you must be a crazy person and you should get your ass in there right now! If you're visiting the Castro and want a casual, delicious meal that's central to everything, then definitely give Chow a try. I'll probably see you there.

-Written and Reviewed by G. Evans – May 1, 2010