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Looking for some tummy-hugging fried chicken or some soul-warming gumbo? Head to Firefly, the ultimate restaurant for sustainable, delicious American-style cuisine.

Firefly is located at 4288 24th Street between Douglass and Diamond Streets in Noe Valley. The restaurant has welcoming large windows and the exterior is painted a lovely green color with a metal firefly sculpture on the wall. The interior is inviting with drapery on the ceiling and a rustic feel, the lighting is cozy and dim, and sometimes they have a live guitarist strumming sweet music to go with your meal. Each table has a frosted mason jar that says "Firefly" and has a lit candle inside.

Now that your environment has been painted, let’s move on to the food. Every Tuesday you can get their famous "Fried Chicken of Your Dreams." These fried chicken pieces have everyone talking — they’re crispy, uniquely flavored and perfectly prepared. Some other favorite dishes include their yummy roasted Brussels sprouts with Parmesan and truffle oil, their pumpkin bread pudding, and their soul-warming kale gumbo with roasted oyster mushrooms and rutabagas, cornmeal-crusted Portabellas and brown rice.

Chef Gabriel Sanders and the folks at Firefly care about your body and our world, so all their seafood is sustainable and their meat is hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Firefly was born in 1993 when Brad Levy (a frustrated chef) and Veva Edelson (a frustrated artist and line cook) were working at Embarko Restaurant. They both shared the dream of opening a restaurant where the food was great, the service attentive, and the atmosphere magical. They dreamed of a place where the employees were interesting and kind, and were encouraged to be themselves. They dreamed of a restaurant where the customers felt like they were at a friend’s house for dinner. Brad and Veva were indeed dreamers, but more importantly, they pulled it off.

4288 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 821-7652

[Photos: Yelp]