Castro Restaurant News

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The summer months might be drawing a close, but for San Francisco the warm weather is just around the corner. While the better part of the country is preparing for temperatures to drop, the City By The Bay will be readying for the prettiest time of the year.

Which is a big plus for the city's choice eateries and bars that boast outside seating. Yes, despite the frequently foggy forcast, San Francisco's Castro District is flush with sidewalk setups and patios a-plenty.

So why not spend that time eating something delicious or sipping on something festive out in the sun and fresh air in one of the Castro's best outdoor venues?

Here's a look at some choice spots with outside seating:

Pilsner Inn: There's really not much of an "inn" going on here, but that doesn't take away from the pleasant vibe of this low-key watering hole. While playing a game of pool or darts indoors can be nice, it's the outside area--which feels more like a friend's backyard than a bar patio--that makes this a great place to kick back and gab with friends on a not-too-chilly SF night

Plus they have a decent beer selection. Grab yourself a Belgium white ale and enjoy it out on the string-light-lit bench.

Chow: This East Bay staple-turned- SF spot specialized in sustainable eats and an rotating food—and drink—menu that changes with the season. So for the end of summer, expect lighter fair to pair with the outside temps.

While it looks like a tight-quartered restaurant from its Church Street front, it features a breathy back patio area where you can enjoy a Riesling mojito and fish tacos while gabbing with friends.

It also has more of a cozy family vibe, so this is a good choice to bring out-of-towners looking for a good notches and cocktails but don’t feel like hitting up a bar.

Recommendation: This place gets mega crowded. Making a reservation or going at an off time is probably your best bet if you want to get seated and fed quickly.

Catch: Catch takes the cuisine currently found at Fisherman's Wharf, and gives it an up-do by taking the tourists and uber-fishy smell out of the equation.

It also has a fresh mix of old and new; the locale might be a familiar front on Market Street with its retro architecture and roots in the community, but the restaurant's rotating food menu keeps your dining experience spontaneous.

Mix: The self-described "neighborhood bar" is a great late-night spot to round up all your friends to share a few pitchers of beer. The bench seating on the back patio area is a little reminiscent of the setup at beer gardens outside the Castro, but the clientele is certainly less Mission hipster and more--well, inviting.

An ideal social spot for posting up outside as the temperature stays just a little warmer for just a little longer.