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By Brittany Doohan

Are you crazy for all things sweet? Are you a cookie monster in disguise? Well, have we got a treat for you. Look no further, folks: Here’s a list of the best places in the Castro District to binge on dessert.

1. Hot Cookie — 407 Castro Street
A penis cookie for your thoughts? This place is a definitely must-see in the Castro District. You can get all the delicious penis-shaped cookies you want, and then you can purchase a pair of Hot Cookie underwear to eat them in!

2. Sweet Inspiration — 2239 Market Street
This place has gorgeous cookies, cakes and pastries — just like Mom used to make! You can grab one of their sweet creations on the go, or you can call in for a customized order. Learn more:

3. The Crème Brûlée Cart — Roaming!
What’s better than eating a delicious cup of crème brûlée? Eating it from the Crème Brûlée Cart, the food truck that specializes in crème brûlée! They even have unique, delicious toppings like candied pecans, toasted coconut and bourbon butterscotch. Learn more about this on-the-go treat:

4. Chile Pies (Sweet & Savory) — 314 Church Street
What’s in a name? Something sweet! While you may not automatically think "sweets" when you hear the name "Chile Pies," once you step inside this little gem, you’re sure to get a mouthful. Be sure to try their Strawberry Rhubarb Pie — it’s to die for! Learn more:

5. Frances — 3870 17th Street
If you’re searching for elegance, head over to Frances for your after-meal delight. Feast your sweet tooth on their ‘Lumberjack’ Cake with Bartlett pear, coconut, Medjool dates and maple ice cream; or try their decadent Dark Chocolate & Chandler Walnut Torte with Comice pear, salted caramel ice cream and crème fraîche. See what else they’ve got:

6. Thorough Bread and Pastry — 248 Church Street
The goodies at Thorough Bread and Pastry are made from scratch and are artisan-baked using 100 percent natural ingredients of the highest quality. Try their rainbow-tastic Castro cookie! Read more:

[Photos: Yelp]