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Under One Roof is not just an awesome store full of fun toys, cards and other random goodies, but it’s also a non-profit that generates funds for community-based organizations that provide assistance to the HIV/AIDS and LGBT populations. Under One Roof has sold over $11 million in retail merchandise and donated over $4 million to local charities!

Created in 1991, Under One Roof was the first operation of its kind to donate 100 percent of retail-generated profits to organizations serving the AIDS community. It all started when a group of friends who wanted to help fight the AIDS epidemic had an idea: Create a small retail shop and donate all the profits to local charities that provide critical help to San Francisco Bay Area men, women, and children living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

They started by selling wrapping paper during the holiday season. Their customers loved that they could support the fight against HIV/AIDS just by wrapping their holiday gifts! And so the Under One Roof tradition was born — to “give the gift that gives twice.”

Years later, Under One Roof turned into a permanent brick-and-mortar store on Castro Street. The store collaborative effort: Volunteers ran the store, corporate partners provided funding, vendors and retailers donated merchandise, and customers loved spending their money for a great cause. All together, all “Under One Roof.”

While the store has since moved to 50 Post Street, the mission and the giving are still the same. However, you can catch them in the Castro during the holidays!

How does it work?

Under One Roof raises funds by selling goods in their San Francisco store. For about 85 percent of the items they sell, they purchase wholesale merchandise, and sell these items in their retail outlets. The other 15 percent of their items are donated by retailers and vendors, the proceeds of which help cover their operating costs. They also raise funds by sponsoring a variety of special events.

Under One Roof has emerged as one of San Francisco’s most-recognized and beloved non-profits, dedicated to helping people impacted by HIV and AIDS. Thank you, Under One Roof!

“Where every purchase supports purpose — Under One Roof.”

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