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So you’ve had a Halloween costume planned since mid-July and you’ve been bragging about how you are going to win every pre-drag-show costume contest the Castro has to offer.

And then what did you do? You let your imagination get away from you and wanted to do too much and then you started second-guessing your original costume choice and the next thing you knew it was the week before Halloween and you have none of your costume prep done.

Fear not, you wait-til-the-last-minute crazies. We have a few spots that you can hit up get yourself decked out for All Hallows Eve, even if you wait until the 31st to start getting it together.

Crossroads: When last-minute shopping for a Halloween costume, you might want to consider—no matter what your actual costume may be—to buy pieces that you can wear more than once. You know, getting longevity out of a late-decision buy makes it seem more, how do you say, less-late-decision-y? Thrifting is a good way to go and Crossroads on Market is a good spot to start; you can pick up obscure pieces that you can store away and wear again. Plus, Crossroads online gives a guide to what’s a la mode by season, helping you figure out how to wear those naughty school girl Halloween duds in a stylish way once the holiday passes.

Cliff’s Variety: Everyone knows that this Castro Street institution is the go-to for all things festive. Which is why, when putting your Halloween costume together in a hurry, Cliff’s will offer you as much help as you need. This is a great place to grab accessories and makeup—because you can’t dress up like an extra from “The Walking Dead” without good zombie makeup right?—for a decent price. You know, so you don’t overspend from the stress of last-minute shopping and then break your wallet into a million tiny pieces.

Outfit: So you’ve decided that you’re too stressed by this last-minute shopping and decision-making and would rather just go out on Halloween wearing nothing at all. While that won’t get you into any establishments with good drink deals, a cute pair of skivvies and a few accessories can do the trick. A pair of briefs and, say, sparkley suspenders from Outfit can pair be dressed up just about any way you fancy—maybe paired with nothing but animal ears a la “Mean Girls”? So fetch.

Spirit Halloween Store: We know that sometimes you just have to say screw creativity and DIY, I need a ready-to-wear costume right now! No need to pull your weave out, ladies, because the queen mother of Halloween stores has a home in the neighborhood. Spirit pops up on Church Street once a year, giving you all the Leg Avenue and fake blood you could possibly hope for.