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You’ve donned your cute new boots and flannel print scarf, and now it’s time to find a Castro neighborhood spot that is as ready to embrace fall as you are.

And what’s the best way to enjoy the autumn weather while out and about? Finding a restaurant worthy of snuggling up at, of course!

Here are our picks for the coziest Castro spots.

Reveille: It could be because the young café is nestled into a garage space on 18th Street, but the homieness of this spot makes it perfect for curling up with a cup of Reveille’s signature coffee. Despite the coffee co’s modern aesthetic, it makes for a cozy spot to grab a cup-of-joe and a bite to eat. Grab a seat up against the wall near the ceiling-high firewood display and indulge in their delectable egg-gruyere-bacon breakfast sanny.

Beso: Cafes aren’t the only Castro spots perfect for cozy-ing up for a bite to eat. Just a few doors down from Reveille is our favorite tapas obsession, and its dark lighting and sensual ambience make it a perfect spot for snuggling up at a table with a glass of wine and some paella. The romantic setting is so encompassing, you might not want to walk back outside into the cold!

Samovar: Nothing screams “cozy” like really good tea on a foggy day. And Samovar—on the quiet corner of Sanchez Street away from the Castro’s hustle and bustle—is one of the coziest. Curl up on the gigantic-pillow-adorned bench up against the window and sip on their blood orange pu-erh tea. (Or whatever you choose, because all of their teas are absolutely divine.)

Eureka: What makes this house-turned-restaurant a go-to for a comfier dining experience? Being able enjoy their delicious Southern fair by the fireplace. The space really is more “house” than “restaurant” making it a snuggly spot to order up some soul food. Staying warm while digging into some Creole gumbo can fight off even the chilliest of San Fran nights.

Last Call Bar: What? A Castro bar without loud karaoke or DJs? It is totally a thing, and Last Call is your cozy go-to. The wood paneling and fireplace make it a good place to kick back. with a $3 well drink, because sometimes all you need a cold Castro evening is get cozy with your friends and a decently priced drink.