Castro District News

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Do you know about the Pink Saturday Party? Because, you should. It’s a gay party that’s big enough and crazy enough to shut down the heart of the Castro District.

This year’s theme is “Barbi Pink” in honor of the dear, departed Sister Barbi Mitzvah who ran Pink Saturday for a number of years. Pink Saturday is held every year on the night before the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration. This year, that falls on June 28th, 2014 and the party will be crackin’ from 5pm-10:30pm. The party is organized by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and takes place right after the historic Dyke March. The Dyke March will make it’s way from Dolores Park and end at Castro and Market, where they’ll set up a stage and proceed to rock your socks off.

“Sound systems will be located throughout the footprint. In particular the Global Village will be spinning world beats on Castro at 19th, while the Dyke March folks will be hosting a sound system on the 400 block of Castro St from the driveway of the Castro Theater parking lot.  The rest of the sound systems will be smaller dance music systems and there is a plan to have a karaoke set up on Market Street by the food trucks that we are hosting,” said Sister Selma Soul.

To get in, the Sisters ask for a $10 donation. This covers the costs of the celebration and to raise money for a variety of community non-profits. Coordination of Pink Saturday is entirely volunteer based. No Sisters receive any compensation for hosting this annual Pride celebration in the Castro.

The Sisters also know how important it is to have the proper security. In 2010, one person was killed and a few others wounded by gunshot. Because of this, security measures are taken very seriously. When you get to the gates, you will have to go through a metal detector and have your bags thoroughly inspected. This party is a dry event — there will be no alcohol allowed inside or on the street, but the bars will be open.

Come to Pink Saturday decked out in your craziest, pinkest, funkiest gear. Pink Saturday is a time to express yourself — so do it! Happy Pride everyone!