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By The Prado Group

The goal of the 2001 Market project is to bring people, housing, community-serving retail, and social vitality to this prominent corner site in the Gay Castro District San Francisco. With sustainability as a core value, Whole Foods, William McDonough + Partners, BAR Architects, April Phillips Design Works and the Prado Group see the project as an opportunity to bring the benefits of green, sustainable living to San Francisco's Castro District community.

William McDonough + Partners –Architect

William McDonough is a world-renowned architect and designer and winner of three U.S. presidential awards: the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development (1996), the National Design Award (2004); and the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (2003).

William McDonough + Partners lead the design community in creating intelligent and effective architecture and community plans. The firm received the prestigious National Design Award for exemplary achievement in the field of environmental design. They are widely known for defining the leading edge of sustainable design. The design firm is practicing ecologically, socially, and economically intelligent architecture and planning. This would benefit the Castro and the gay community.

BAR Architects – Architect

BAR's mission is to shape healthy, beautiful and efficient buildings that add to the quality of life of locals in the San Francisco Bay Area and Castro. BAR employs a whole systems approach to architecture, carefully considering short and long term implications of design decisions on the environment, community, future inhabitants and their client's goals. Through design they seek solutions that balance financial, environmental and social well-being issues.

Known for crafting a diverse array of housing and mixed-use communities around the world from their LEED certified offices in San Francisco, BAR is an 80-person firm of architects and planners passionate about creating a sustainable planet. A goal for Castro residents. A certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Business comprised of LEED accredited technical staff, their proven design approach results in healthier, more enjoyable and efficient buildings for individuals and the surrounding community.

April Philips Design Works – Landscape Architect

APDW has a reputation for producing outstanding landscape designs for a broad range of public and private clients. As the founder and national chairperson of ASLA's Sustainable Design and Development, April has taken the organization to a leadership role in sustainable landscape design APDW believes that design is about the enhancement of human experience. The passion of the firm is to create meaningful spaces that make a positive contribution to the environmental, cultural, and social quality of the community. The firm's philosophy includes combining sound science with visionary ideas to push the design envelope – design that is a fusion of art, technology and science. At APDW, they do not just create landscapes, they create places, outdoor rooms, environments for living in, working in and for enjoying life. Here in the Castro the community could use more of these spaces.

The project's landscape program is predicated on the goals of clean air and clean water. It envisions an integrated system of landscape that includes on-site resident gardens, gathering spaces, endangered species habitat, storm-water management, rainwater catchment and increased air quality. Through rainwater harvesting and collection from the building roof and street, the project strives to reduce the amount of landscape water consumption and waste. By providing podium level gardens, residents can grow a garden while providing opportunities for social engagement and connection.

The Prado Group

The Prado Group is a San Francisco-based real estate development firm. The company seeks to create high quality development projects that respect and enhance the neighborhoods in which they are located. Our mission is to create innovative projects that are distinguished by their quality of design, environmental stewardship, and value creation for the communities they serve.