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Shopping Guide

Leather lovers rejoice! When it comes to planning for Folsom Street Fair, we have a head start on every other Castro-based site in town.

Of course, when it comes to Folsom Fair prep, you have to have your outfit planned out well in advance, right?

Sure, you could blindly walk into any store that displaysharnesses in their front window. But why not get a few good recommendations from a reliable source? We reached out to a friend with an inside scoop on all things leather--and when we say "all things" we mean it.

Here's your guide to some of the best spots to grab duds for the festivites:

Leather Etc (1201 Folsom St.):
The leather goods spot at the corner of Folsom and 10th Streets has been outfitting the leather community since the early 90s. You won't just be able to pick out an ensemble, but accessorize it as well: Their inventory ranges from leather jackets and shorts to hoods and riding crops.

And don't forget the "etc" part of their title, as they also offer over 40 kinds of restraints and quality bondage toys guaranteed to "enhance the kinky moments and make bondage a playful, fun and memorable experience."

Johnson Leather (1833 Polk St):
While not a fetish-centered store, the hub for motorcycle gear will certainly get you suited for Folsom Fair. Our sources tell us that this establishment--which has served the Bay Area cycle communities since 1979--is the place to go for high-quality leather apparel.

High-end biker chaps? You bet.

Off Ramp Leathers (
This custom leather hub has since moved to Palm Springs from the San Francisco area, but we hear still makes appearances at street fairs. And Folsom is the biggest leather fair on the planet, right?

Off Ramp is also biker-centric, but boasts high-quality inventory and--given that they are currently out of the area--is an option for if you are doing your FSF shopping online.

Plus, some of their men's leather vests offer back tie detailing that we imagine would be drool-worthy on anyone with well-developed trap muscles.

Stormy Leather (
Perfect for anyone looking for an amazing leather corsette!

This site is flush with apparel, toys and gear with a bit of a feminine touch, from lingerie to restraints to sensation toys.

Bonus points for having links on the right-hand side of their page that connect you to instructions on caring for your leather and latex wears.

Mister S (385 8th Street):
The infamous spot for "all things kink" is an absolute must on your pre-Folsom prep list. Perhaps it has so much notoriety for having more toys and whips than you can shake a fist at.

Granted, their high-quality gear also comes with lofty price tags. But heck, if you're willing to splurge on your Folsom Street Fair gear, then why not?!

Keep checking in the up-coming weeks as we continue to get you ready or the 2014 Folsom Street Fair on Saturday, September 21.