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Gift wrap takes on a whole new identity over the holiday season. More colors, designs and sparkle than a "Beach Blanket Babylon" head dress.

So what better way to put the season's most recyclable product to good use than with drag queens and charity?

Enter the fourth annual Patty and Kit's Holiday Gift Wrap, which is set to start a two weekend stint in the Castro this weekend.

Four years running? That's usually a sign that an event has been a success in the neighborhood. Big props to Empress Patty McGroin and MsTer GSGRA-BAC Kit Tapata because this fete du wrap will span over not one, but two weekends at 18th Street and Castro. In conjunction with the Imperial Council of San Francisco and a few friends, the Holiday Gift Wrap features "elves" to help wrap your gifts for you. They are also taking donations of wrapping paper and other supplies... Oh come on, you know you have way more gift wrapping things shoved in the back of your closet than you need. Donate them to a good cause!

But this is more than just a wrapping paper drive. Proceeds also benefit St. Aidan's Food Pantry, which provides food to those in need with the help of 50-some volunteers giving to 240-some households.

And, of course, there will be beautiful drag queens--this is a Castro event, afterall! In addition to these lovely ladies, Holiday Wrap attendees will have the ultimate holiday photo op with their present-wrapping elf as well as "Mr and Mrs Claus."

Final note: The event is also looking for volunteers! Hit them up on the internets and get your do-gooder on.

For more information on Patty and Kit's Holiday Gift Wrap, or any of their beneficiaries, please visit the events Facebook page.