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In honor of 4/20, we thought it best to highlight the super hip, super licensed, and super full-service medical cannabis dispensary in the Castro — The Apothecarium.

The Apothecarium provides a wide variety of appropriately priced medication in a safe, well-appointed setting. They offer a broad spectrum of medicinal options , including flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates — and their knowledgeable patient consultants are always available to assist you in selecting the appropriate medicine for your needs.

Not only are they a great resource for your cannabis needs, but they offer a wide variety of educational tools and services to feed your weed smarts. They have veteran support groups, workshops to educate you on weed and cancer, and resources on the website for your reading pleasure.

What’s more, they care about the Castro community and contribute to a large list of organizations in the Bay Area. They have a Philanthropic Advisory Board to help direct funds back into the community, making them stronger through generosity. See where they give:

Become a Member:

To dabble in these goodies, you need to be a member. To become a member, you need to head down to their dispensary on 2095 Market Street with a valid doctor’s recommendation (verifiable paper or card copy) and a government issued ID card, passport, or driver’s license, then you need to complete their membership form. After they verify your recommendation or caregiver certificate and accept your membership form, you will have access to all the happy treats.

So how do you get a doctor recommendation? While there are many doctors offices that write medical cannabis recommendations (and The Apothecarium accepts them from offices all over the state), not all clinics are created equal. Working in the industry, the folks at The Apothecarium see HIPAA violations and some folk’s carelessness with patients’ information being posted on the Internet. Because they care, The Apothecarium has recommendations for a few reputable doctors for all the newbies who are looking:

Learn more about The Apothecarium: