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When decorating your living space, calling your design aesthetic “modern” sounds as though you’re using a strictly black-and-white palette that puts sharp lines and lookism over comfort. It’s a rarity that a modern design can offer an edge and a home-y touch while still remaining fresh and original.

That’s where S16 Design in the Castro proves everyone wrong, offering a vintage and industrial twist to modern interior design that still allows you to decorate a space all your own.

Owner and design extraordinaire Brian Allen has taken a decade’s worth of interior design firm experience to the Castro boutique. One look at how the Sanchez Street shop is organized and you’ll want to redecorate your entire house. Seriously.

“Customers have a chance to visualize the pieces in their own home,” Allen told San Francisco Interior Designs blog backing May.

So naturally, My Castro decided to peruse S16’s goodies to see what we might put in our own homes. Here are some interesting finds.

Furniture: Allen’s vision of mixing modern and industrial with personal touches might be the most noticeable in S16’s furniture. His array of armchairs and barstool are perfect for anyone who entertains and often has company over in their living space; furniture that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye like an expensive painting, but invites you to sit down and be comfortable. Rustic-looking leather armchairs and cast iron stools will give your living room plenty of seating without looking like a frat house full of lawn chairs.

Art: S16’s wide range of prints and posters is part of how Allen brings together unique and vintage with homey. Collections from well-traveled SF artist Matthew Frederick offers shoppers an opportunity to decorate their homes with beautiful pieces that have San Francisco roots. Multiple pieces by Daniel Warth, whose work is regularly featured around the Bay Area, are also part of Allen’s art arsenal.

More of a pop art person? An assortment of vintage signs and mid-century posters can fill your need.

Accessories: If we had to pick just one aspect of S16 that sets it aside from the every other home design and consignment shop in the city, we might have to go with its incredible array chachkas and whatnots.

Rustic pieces like compasses, world globes and binoculars. Outdoors-y finds like coral paperweights, polished antlers and alligator heads.

My personal favorite? A cool steel skull, which would look epic next to the skull-and-cross-bone cocktail shaker in my own living room.

But you don’t need us to list off all the wonderful things that Allen offers at S16. Go ahead and visit yourself at 286 Sanchez Street. Or scope it out online at