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By: A.G Royale

Manos Nouveau moved into the two-story building replacing Pica Pica earlier this month featuring a modern redesign, elevated dining experience, and rich Latin flavors.

Located at 3970 17th St, and tucked around the corner from the famous F Line Trolley turnaround (look close or you might just miss it!) Manos Nouveau is a much-needed addition to the Castro District Restaurant line up.

We visited Manos on a busy Friday evening, were greeted warmly, and sat right away. The aroma was intoxicating. Being sat close to the kitchen we were front and center to all the action from the open kitchen. There’s also an upstairs with a great view and even better spot for people watching. Come when a show is paying at the Castro Theatre and watch the line form clear around the corner. Note that you can’t go wrong in any sat location in the restaurant. Just be warned, it is a little cramped – although that’s hardly uncommon for SF eateries.

The Menu is adventurous, and alluring featuring both small and large plates as well as a short list of side dishes. Chef Gualberto Nic Camara and sous chef-partner Francisco Morales are leading the culinary vision at Manos. By all accounts our experience showed that the vision is clear, and delicious.

Plates include, ahi tuna ceviche, scallops, Latin chicken meatballs, and our absolute favorite Latin-style chicken cordon bleu. The chicken is tender, and stuffed with oozy cheese, puffy mushrooms, and swimming in delectable Mayan Jun sauce that is both savory and sweet. Even a week later, I am still dreaming about it. Pro tip, don't forget to try the Yucca Fries they were great! But, do us a favor and order extra dipping sauce. You can thank us later.

Everything is made fresh and presented as pieces of art. While we loved the food the course timing still seems to be something the Chef is working out. Allow for a little extra time between courses when stopping in while Chef irons out the kinks of service.

Manos Nouveau will is now open 5pm-10 pm Tuesday through Sunday. We will be coming back very soon. We suggest you do too!

Ready for an amazing meal? Like Latin flavors, or do you miss Pica Pica. Sound off in the comments below.