Castro District News

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The long wait finally ended last week when Brewcade opened its doors to the public.

Lucky for them, it wasn't their only chance to show that they have staying power.

Wednesday's grand opening showed the bar-slash-arcade has components to be a mainstay on the Castro outskirts, but still has a few kinks to work out as it gets comfortable in its new digs.

Our sources who were present at the Market Street spot's first night of work told us that, while the space was nice and the game selection was beyond impressive, that actual bar area has a bit of work to do. The Brewcade drink lists boasts specialty cocktails and a beer menu constructed by Kai Villegas. However, at the bar's grand opening, a number of menu selections were not available--a disappointment when considering the craft brews that are supposed to be at the new spot. One of our sources says he's giving Brewcade "a month or two to get it together."

On the upside, however, the new spot has plenty of upsides that will keep patrons coming through its doors. The space has a very social feel to it, thanks to picnic table seating that allows you to make new friends or convene with a small gathering of people. Seating along the bar's perimeter allows for slightly more intimate gatherings, but all together there is plenty of room and seating to accommodate large crowds. It is also very clean--whether that will be a standard or if it's just because the bar is brand new, we don't know.

And of course, the biggest positive about Brewcade is its expansive game selection. The list of 24 arcade greats makes for the ultimate grown-up arcade experience. Which is really why you would go here as opposed to any ol' bar, right?

We'll check back in on Brewcade as they work out the kinks, but you should go check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. Brewcade is located at 2200 Market Street next to Hecho.