Castro District News

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By Brittany Doohan

Castro Street screams sex — and I’m not just talking about through random apartment windows. Whether you’re looking for porn, sex toys or a good spanking (just kidding), here’s our list of the best places in the Castro District to get your goodies.

1. Rock Hard — 518 Castro Street
It’s all in the name. Come to Rock Hard to get everything you need to fulfill all your quirky sexual fantasies. Leather goods? You got it. Ten-inch dildo with an adjustable fist attachment? This is the place.

2. Does Your Mother Know? — 4141 18th St
This shop has an eclectic mix of anything you might need. Penis-shaped cookie cutters, penis-shaped candles games, and of course your necessary gay porn and sex toys. “What a phenomenal selection of dildos! Long dicks, short dicks, wide dicks, skinny dicks, brown dicks, white dicks, purple dicks, green dicks, barbed dicks, smooth dicks, double sided dicks, vibrating dicks, pulsating dicks, glow in the dark dicks. And at such a reasonable price! If you can find cheaper dick anywhere, fuck it,” said Yelper Kendall N. from San Francisco.

3. Femina Potens — 2199 Market St
If you’re looking for some leisurely adult entertainment after your morning latte, head on over to Femina Potens. “I love this little sex-positive art gallery. Having been there on both visits to San Francisco, I've enjoyed both shows that they had going on, plus the interesting classes/workshops/performances that they offer. If that wasn't enough, the whole idea of having a locally run, sex-positive, political, queer friendly art gallery gets me hot. Plus, Madison Young is a force all her own, and can often be seen curating the shows, at the workshops/open mics, and really knows her stuff,” said Yelper Shanna K. from Denver, CO. Femina Potens also sells local jewelry, books, sex-positive porn and more. Check out the Femina Potens website:

4. Phantom — 516 Castro Street
Small store but packed to the nines. Penis pumps, lube and gay porn galore! “The clerk here was so incredibly awesome, helpful and nice. He gave us honest information and never tried to upsell and wasn't pushy about details. Yeah I just reviewed an adult store in the Castro. HI MOM!” said Yelper Miranda E. from Oakland, CA.

5. Chaps — 4057 18th St
Spice up your sex life at Chaps in San Francisco! “I am a female and I love this place. I always get the feeling that I am crashing a big gay party coming in here, but that's all on me because the truth of the matter is that they're really nice here. I went in today because I wanted a dong. Yup. A big, fleshy, meaty, take it home and bang myself, dong. I didn't feel like going to Good Vibrations because they're a little too spendy and a little too PC (I still love them!) and I wanted to go somewhere that I could feel dirty and watch some gay porn,” said Yelper Cooter T. from San Francisco, CA.

6. Auto Erotica — 4077 18th St
This is where old-fashioned gay folks get off. Auto Erotica is stacked with gay history and also has a big selection of magazines, photos, videos and penis-shaped lollipops. “The sales guy (same guy all three times I've been in here) is very smiley and pleasant. And why not? He's enshrined in a tower of naked men and sex accouterments. I wonder what he dreams of at night,” said Yelper Ravena F. from Daly City, CA.

7. Treasure Island Media — 2215 Market St
If you’re looking for some top-notch gay porn, Treasure Island Media will give you a lot of bang for your buck. “Treasure Island Media (TIM) is a San Francisco-based gay pornography studio founded in 1998 by director Paul Morris and specializing in bareback and raunchy sex films. The studio is named after Morris' favorite childhood book, Treasure Island,” said the website []