Castro District News

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Cold temperatures mean that your coffee and hot tea consumption probably shoots through the roof. Which is perfect for the Castro's many small cafes and eateries--your caffeine and warm beverage addiction is helping out the neighborhood's businesses!

So why not grab a drink somewhere that encourages you to take a few extra sips and snag a freebie to top off your cafe experience? That's exactly what Cafe UB is doing.

The 18th Street cafe reached out to MyCastro to give us the scoop on the drink offer that they will be ringing in the new year with, just so we could share it with all you pretty people. This upcoming January, patrons who choose to sit and sip at Cafe UB will get their third drink on the house. This can be a tea, chocolate drink or any of Castro location's many coffee selections. Macchiato, Cortado, you name it.

Quite the generous offer, especially since it allows you to slowly enjoy one of their bagels or artisan sandwiches over the course of a beverage or two.

Take a look at the drink menu and you will notice that the coffee offerings--particularly their cold drinks--are more diverse from the usual "iced coffee." What sets Cafe UB's cold brews apart from those at other cafes? (Honestly, you should know, given the Castro's girth of coffee establishments.) The 18th Street spot uses Kyoto slow drip brewing instead of a more familiar Toddy cold press method. This difference? Expect a more intense and earthy flavor from the Japanese-style method. Of course, this is if you are wanting something cold to drink--the offer is good for Cafe UB's hot offerings, as well as their teas!

So order yourself an NY "Lox" Wich and a few Matcha lattes at Cafe UB this January. It is sure to be your favorite cafe offering of the New Year.