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You had to have been living under a rock—take that back, make that five rocks—to have completely avoided any and all news and mentions of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What started as challenge by former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, turned into a full-blown phenomenon that has spanned over the month of August.The benefit for Lou Gehrig’s has now raised over $70 million in that time, and educated us about this debilitating disease.

(It has also probably contributed to California’s current water drought, but that’s not where this conversation is headed.)

Members of LGBT community have been very prominent in the social media craze; everyone from local celebrities to big-time gay icons have donated money and gotten wet in the process—all for a good cause.

Stars of movie and TV have seen their videos go viral, and we aren’t complaining. Adorable actor John Barrowman ( one of 14 stars from the CW network to take the challenge. What made the “Arrow” stars charitable act even better was that his husband, Scott Gill, rocked nothing but a flashy red jockstrap while dumping a bucket of ice water over him.

The challenge spanned over many networks and encompassed many stars, including “White Collar” gorgeous leading man, Matt Bomer. While we’re used to drooling over him when he gets shirtless for the camera, Bomer made our hearts melt when he posted up on the beach and then let his kids pour small coolers of frigid water all over him.

The challenge also spanned religious and political fronts. The Pink News ( reported that the notoriously hateful Westboro Baptist Church nominated their neighbors Equality House to partake in the challenge. The year-old center, started by pro-gay organization Planet Piece, accepted the challenge with one participant reportedly saying she was “thrilled that my neighbors took time off from their hateful protests to do something for a good cause…”

Of course, we’re extra excited that there are members of the immediate Castro community that have donated to the cause. The crowd at The Café last Monday got a real treat when Chris Kohrs, better known as the Hot Cop of Castro, made his participation in the chain-letter-challenge an event, as reported by Patrons paid up to $30 a ticket to watch the local hunk get shirtless and soaked. The event was also to raise awareness for The Officer Down Memorial Fund, which helps the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. Double Points for Hot Cop for taking his shirt off for two causes!