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By Collen Hubbard/Edit Post

Castro San Francisco residents have a new veggie burger to enjoy and worth every penny. DeborahL tells us that Greenburger's, a new spot in the Lower Haight which is close enough for us in the Castro District, offers an outstanding house-made veggie burger made of "organic black beans, beets, oats, brown rice, and spices and served on a brioche roll." She also liked the fixings bar (with house-made pickles) and the airy, homey space decorated with family photos. My Castro San Francisco can appreciate a fixings bar and a nice pickle! Those living in the heart of Castro feel the same.

This new veggie burger has some competition but we here in the Castro are confident it can hold its own! A recent thread on the best Bay Area veggie burgers provides additional recommendations for those among us who crave a non-meat burger. Pearl's in Mill Valley and San Francisco, Chow, The Monk's Kettle, and the Mean Joe Green burger at Hall of Flame Burger each earn a vote. Check it out Castro District San Francisco!