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By Brittany Doohan

Do you treat your pet like he or she is your child (or maybe even better than your child)? Is your partner often jealous at the sheer amount of love and affection you give your pet? Shoooot, it happens. They are so darn cute you just want to squeeze their little cheekies! Eeee! Ok, time to focus. Anyways, if you are one who has a furry friend that you value more than life itself, please read on. Here are five ways to spoil the crap out of your pet in the Castro District.


1. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, Furry Friends in a Tub
Puppy’s got to get her hair did! Give your four-legged friend a good groom at Mudpuppy’s Tub & Scrub (536 Castro St) or Little Ark Groom Shop (748 14th St).

Mudpuppy’s has a plethora of special washes, like a flea dip wash or ear flush, and they provide full service grooming if you’re looking for the works. “Thank goodness for Mudpuppy's! I have a darling but high maintenance senior pup who is impossible to get into the tub at home. What a relief that I can take him in where he consistently gets the care he needs. The staff is patient, caring and understanding. I'm so grateful!” said Brooks A. from San Francisco, CA.

Little Ark will give your baby a good washing and tons of TLC to boot. “[Little Ark] patiently, gently groomed my girl so that she looks and feels her absolute best. I have to say that beyond the great grooming she has received over the years, a big reason why I love Little Ark is that if you ask for something, they listen and genuinely care about your pet,” said Yelper Beth J. from San Francisco, CA.


2. Out and About? Try These Top Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters
Long day at work? Call up Eric “The Fairy Dogfather”
[] to take your baby on an exciting walk. “Eric has taken care of my dogs since they arrived at my house 9 years ago. I can't say how thrilled I was when he decided to use his talents with dogs to the professional level. Eric has helped take care of and raise our Jack Russell and Great Dane puppies. They love him!” said Yelper T.J from San Francisco, CA.

Out of town? Feel comfort and ease leaving your pet at The Urban Paw []. They’re affordable and very attentive to your one and only. “Emy took care of our two dogs Max and Charlie for 4 days in September while we were at a destination wedding. First and foremost she is extremely organized. She asked a lot of questions and had us fill out a very thorough form identifying everything she needed to know about our pets. She stayed at our place for the duration and left the place immaculate and even took some beautiful pictures of our two boys while we were away,” said Yelper Greg P. from San Francisco, CA.

[Photo: Yelp]

3. Get Outside, Get Exercise and Make Some Friends
San Francisco loves pets, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of space available for them to run around and play. Breathe in some fresh air, get that blood pumping and make some new friends at one of the Castro’s lovely dog parks.

[Photo: Yelp]

4. Sit! Stay! Good Boy
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Get top-quality pet training (and walking) at Top Dog SF []. Not only will they walk your pet when you’re not around, but they’ll train him, too! “SPCA Certified Trainers and Counselor, Natalie Tondelli-Walsh uses positive reinforcement reward based methods to achieve the desired behaviors you want from your dog,” their website states.

“We love Top Dog SF. Our dog Roxie is so excited when Maureen shows up for her, and I love seeing her so happy. We get updates and pictures about their adventures on the beach and at the parks. They have helped so much with Roxie's recall. She is much more well behaved since she started going with Top Dog SF. We wouldn't think of sending her anywhere else,” said Yelper Cathy R. from San Francisco, CA.

[Photo: Yelp]

5. Pet Goodies, Toys and Food!
Every loving pet needs a complete wardrobe, a bed fit for a queen, healthy eats and a bunch of loud toys to annoy their owner with. Get your frilly pet goodies at Best in Show (545 Castro St) and top-notch pet foods at Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods (284 Noe St). Oh, happy dog.

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