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Like red-soled Louboutins, the vintage finds at Black & Gold are timeless despite what era they hail from.

The 15th Street shop has surely grabbed your attention during one of your man walks through the Castro; the furniture and art displays alone are enough to make you go inside and take a gander. (Seriously, that’s what a great visuals team is for , right?!) But what you might not know is that Black & Gold’s online store breaks down your shopping experience by price range and, yes, what decade these finds are from.

But there’s nothing stuffy or dated about these vintage goodies; they all can lend themselves to a modern day household—or wardrobe.

We scoured Black & Gold’s catalog and created a wish list of our favorite grabs from a few ten-year spans that we’re sure you will love too.

1920s: Black & Gold’s art arsenal is stacked, with pieces dating back to the 18th century. We chose to start during the time of Prohibition and looked for something that might give our kitchen or entertaining area a hint of speakeasy. While the many paintings of landscapes and nudes are incredibly tasteful, we think the shop’s collection of ‘20s art deco paintings take the cake. A personal favorite? Jupp Wierz’s art deco tennis poster.

1930s: Our vintage wish list doesn’t just boast vintage furniture and art, there is also clothing and jewelry from a slough of decades, some of the most beautiful of which are watches. Because who doesn’t drool over gigantic menswear watches?! Black & Gold has many lovely timepieces ranging from Patek Phillipe to Cartier. But our favorite just might be the stainless steel Rolex from circa 1937. Swoon!

1940s: San Francisco’s many homes and businesses boast spaces that are perfect for entertaining. And if you’re going to entertain you should have great chairs for your guests, right? Black & Gold’s white Open Arm Italian Chairs hailing from the ‘40s are chic and will encourage your visitors to kick back with their cocktails. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of drinks…

1950s: A wish list of vintage finds would not be complete without something that makes us feel like we’ve dived into an episode of “Mad Men.” While we can’t have Don Draper and all his suited goodness, we can fantasize that we are having a drink with him. What better way to serve up your bourbon than on a circular two-tier bar cart circa 1950?

1960s: Is their really a color more “mod” than canary yellow? Black & Gold’s ‘60s yellow-and-white bar even comes with two iron-legged bar stools fashioned with matching vinyl yellow seat covers. Even Austin Powers can’t handle how swinging ’60s this set is.

1970s: Fashion trends might be cyclical, but vintage wears never seem to be out of style. This vintage spot is flush with hip clothing hailing from the decade of disco, but our favorite pick is the Thea Porter velvet and lace pants suit that could go from office to the roller rink in two seconds.

Sure we skipped a few decades and there is so much we could add to our wish list. But don’t let us tell you what to drool over, check out Black & Gold yourself! Located at 2200 15th Street, and online at