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The rapidly growing Cupid’s Undie Run is returning to San Francisco on Valentine’s Day 2015. With this expansion, the event will be in 38 cities across the United States and Australia; including two additional California races – Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Cupid’s Undie Run participants will run a "brief" one-mile race in their bedroom best on Saturday, February 14, 2015 to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF). Runners spend months prior to the Valentine’s Day race fundraising and then celebrate in their accomplishments on race day. The run takes place in the middle of a party hosted at Pedro’s Cantina, 128 King Street, San Francisco, CA.

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In 2015, each city has an NF Hero and San Francisco is running in honor of Ava this year. Ava was born in 2008, a perfect little girl to complete her family. At about 4 months of age her mom pointed out these brown spots that were appearing on her body to her pediatrician. That day was the first time they heard the word Neurofibromatosis. By the age of 6 months Ava had more than 30 of these “spots” on her body combined with a bump on the back of her skull, which was when they were sent to see a geneticist and Ava was in for her first MRI. That very first MRI revealed a tumor wrapped around Ava’s C1 & C2 nerves in her spinal cord. The entire family’s lives changed from that very moment. Ava is now 6 years old and she has experienced MRI’s every 3 – 4 months with sedation, countless doctor appointments, NF clinics, and eye checkups. She has learned about NF and knows she has tumors throughout her body, which cause her pain. Ava very much dislikes the struggles she experiences and would love nothing more than to be a “normal” kid.

The CTF is dedicated to improving the health of those who suffer from neurofibromatosis (NF). Co-founder Chad Leathers’ brother, Drew, has NF and is the inspiration behind Cupid’s Undie Run. Chad and his friends Brendan Hanrahan and Bobby Gil worked tirelessly to launch this event in 2010 and continue to dedicate their time to increase its reach and fundraising numbers each year. In the sixth year of the race, the fundraising goal is set for $4 million.

To learn more about Cupid’s Undie Run, please visit For media requests in San Francisco, please contact Brittney Jordan at [email protected] or 812-241-9640.

Full List of 2015 Race Cities: (* indicates new city for 2015)

United States:

Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI
Omaha, NE

Austin, TX
Houston, TX*
Orlando, FL
Baltimore, MD
Kansas City, MO
Philadelphia, PA
Boise, ID
Las Vegas, NV*
Pittsburgh, PA
Boston, MA
Los Angeles, CA
Raleigh, NC
Charleston, SC
Louisville, KY
San Francisco, CA*
Charlotte, NC*
Mason City, IA
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Silicon Valley, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Nashville, TN
St. Louis, MO
Cleveland, OH
New Orleans, LA*
St. Petersburg, FL*
Dallas, TX*
New York, NY
Washington, D.C.
Denver, CO
Oklahoma City, OK*


Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia