Castro District News

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By Brittany Doohan

Need a little extra cash? Go through your closet, find everything you haven’t worn in a year, throw it in a bag and head to Crossroads Trading, Co. in the Castro District. All you have to do is walk in, give your clothes to one of the sellers and they’ll go to work. They’ll sift through your old garb, take what they think will sell and give you 35 percent of what they’ll sell if for, or 50 percent worth in trade to use in the store. The best part is that if you choose cash, they just give you the money (or a handwritten check) right then and there. If you have good taste, you may just be able to take your buddies out for a few rounds and some appetizers after.

What’s great about Crossroads is that they are very particular about what they buy from their customers. It may be a bummer for some customers who come in with a big bag and only sell one thing, but it’s great for the customers who come in to buy some new pieces for their wardrobe. Rather than digging through an overwhelming pile of dirty old T-shirts (like you would at your regular old thrift store), you search through the nicely hung clothes that are organized by color (it looks like a rainbow!). Sure, the items are a little bit pricier than your local thrift store (depending on the brand and condition of the item), but that’s because there’s work behind it. These clothes are hand picked for the current season and trends.

What’s great is that they also sell some brand new items that are equally affordable, and you may also come across hard-to-find designer items for way less! Each Crossroads store is different, just like each city and each individual who wears or sells these items. One person’s trash is another’s treasure — so stop by Crossroads to see what you can find!

Crossroads has been serving its fashionable and environmentally conscious customers since 1991. They are headquartered in Berkeley, California, and their first store opened in San Francisco on Fillmore Street! Today they have 32 retail locations across the United States and are continually growing.

2123 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 552-8740