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When pondering what top components go into making a Castro eatery a neighborhood mainstay.

A homey feel is definitely a trademark--matching the Castro's love affair with small businesses and big time chefs that seem more like your friend cooking for you in their own kitchen. So is an ever-evolving menu, because while the food-obsessed love their "usual" dishes three is always a want to keep the tastebuds wondering. And of course, there is that love of locally-grown ingredients that is oh-so-San-Franciscan.

Frances, the 17th Street Cali-cuisine hub, has all of those components, so then some.

Chef Melissa Perello gives comfort food a classy aesthetic without the intimidation of a hoity-toity dining spot. Really, not many places can serve you bacon beignets without making you feel as though you aren't worth its deliciousness. But that's what Frances does. The sleek decor and countertop seating allows you to enjoy a duck breast entree with a beet salad in a comfortable setting.

Plus, Perello has her finger on the pulse of the farmers market scene, using the best ingredients to create the impeccable dishes that rotate on and off the menus. So as you can imagine, everything on the current menu is brimming with autumnal fruits and veggies and flavors to fit the cooler weather, from the appetizers to the desserts. Chocolate torte with bourdon ice cream? We are so there!

Of course, all that delicious food in that cozy setting wouldn't be possible without a community to rally behind Perello a few years back when Frances came to fruitition. And honestly, what's more Castro than the community helping to bring the spot into succession? Check out Frances' website and see the long--and I mean long--list of those who aided in opening the restaurant and the even longer list of suppliers who continue to make Frances a success.

Now that we have you craving bavette style steak and a chicory salad, you should probably consider skipping over to 17th Street to feed your need for Frances yourself. Disclaimer: The eatery fills fast, but takes reservations. Check it out at for more information before indulging in this Castro dining experience.