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By Brittany Doohan

Do you love Earth? If you don’t, then maybe you should leave. I heard Mars is taking applications.

The one thing that really grinds my gears is when I see people throwing their trash on the street or on the Muni. Usually, there is a trashcan nearby and if not, why can’t you wait 5 minutes and hold your nasty trash until you find one? The only way we can keep the Castro and San Francisco beautiful is to take care of it and clean up after ourselves (and occasionally clean up after others because there will always be idiots). It’s better for our health, for our happiness and for the wellbeing of our home (it also saves the people who pick up our trash a lot of unnecessary work — their job already sucks!).

You shouldn’t just care about the Earth on Earth Day, you should care for it every day. However, Earth Day is a great reminder why it’s important to keep our city clean and educate ourselves on these important matters. Thankfully, San Francisco takes Earth Day very seriously. Feeling like giving Mother Earth a hug this Tuesday? Here are some great Earth Day events happening in San Francisco.

2014 “Sexy” Earth Day: Funk Band, Seed Bombs & Upcycling

Join the students at SFSU to celebrate Earth Day for some sexy earth-loving fun. There will be music from SF funk/reggae band The Pull (, interactive demonstrations, local environmental organizations, a Goodwill Garment Repurposing Sale, a “make your own seed bombs” station, free fair trade and organic coffee and tea (bring your own mug), Sexy Earth Day by Sexual Health PEACHs, and a Farmers’ Market hosted by Charwells. Sound good? Meet at Malcolm X Plaza from 10 am to 2 pm on April 22, 2014 to join the fun.

2014 Real Food Co. Neighborhood Earth Day Festival

Get your Earth Day on by enjoying some real wholesome food at the Real Food Neighborhood Earth Day Festival. Each year is different, but expect free food samples, giveaways, health education and Earth-friendly booths. On April 22, 2014 from 3-7 pm, join this festival at 3060 Fillmore Street or 2140 Polk Street.

Appreciate Nature’s Entertainment by Watching the Lyrids Meteor Shower

The Lyrid meteor shower usually runs from April 16-25, but it peaks before dawn on April 22, 2014. At 4:30 am to 6:25 am, you can expect to see 10-20 meteors per hour. The Lyrids meteor shower is April’s “shooting stars” — meteors that tend to be bright and often leave trails. The Lyrids are known for uncommon surges that can sometimes bring the rate up to 100 per hour. Those rare outbursts are not easy to predict, but they’re one of the reasons the tantalizing Lyrids are worth checking out. The radiant for this shower is in the constellation Lyra, which rises in the northeast at about 10 pm on April evenings, according to SF FunCheap.

Dolores Park Clean-Up

Keep your favorite park clean and free of cigarette buds and empty beer bottles. Join Dolores Park Works for their regular Dolores Park Clean-Up sessions. Click here to learn about the next one!