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The description of Churchill bar says quite eloquently: "If a well-traveled diplomat needed a stiff drink during his stopover in San Francisco during the 1940s, we like to think this would be his favorite watering hole. "

We don't know any diplomats from the '40s. But we do know that we love a good cocktail after a lengthy day on the grind and that vintage decor rocks our socks. And Churchill is the perfect spot to unwind form your daily troubles with a seasonal sipper and pretend like you're in a different era.

That's right, you heard correctly: The sippery at Church and Market changes up its already-full drink menu with season-friendly mixes to keep you on your toes.

We spent a bit of time pouring over--see what I did there?--lengthy list of booze and were happy to see that we are reporting on them just as they've released their list of late-summer sips! Because, let's be honest, it isn't summer in SF until September anyways.

Here is Churchill's newest crop of seasonal cocktails:

Banana Daiquiri: If anything can make you feel like you're stranded on a deserted island in a Corona commercial, it's a daiquiri.

Except skip over the light beer and sip on this mixture of banana-infused rum and lime.

Forewarning: This drink has chocolate bitters in it. I've never heard of a daiquiri with bitters in it. But perhaps we're missing out on something.

Behind The Rising Sun: This warm weather concoction is one of many at Churchill featuring "shrub", a fancy-shmancy name for a "drinking vinegar" infused with fruity deliciousness. (And no it doesn't mean that you'll be drinking actual cooking vinegar, so tuck away your pucker face for a different occasion.)

This tasty treat pairs a Peach-Strawberry shrub with gin, Bianco vermouth and chili tincture--which is basically a chili-infused alcohol. So, lots of fruity things, followed by a variety of booze. Think of this drink like a Sex On The Beach; it will taste like paradise while simultaneously knocking you on your butt.

Purple Heart: This is my top pick, in part because I almost never drink Mezcal and it's so darn tasty.

Also in part because it mixes blackberry and lime, which are so incredibly fresh and summer-y when mixed together in just about every way.

This cocktail features the succulent summer fruit in shrub form, so think more "liquid beverage" and less "chunks of fruit in my glass." Add lime and honey, and you've got a drink worthy of a sunset out on your back porch.

Rickey Business: Sure to make you want to dawn a pair of vintage Ray-Bans and slide across the floor in your tubesocks.

Averna, a spicy Sicilian digestif, adds a kick-in-the-jorts to this citrusy gin cocktail. Lemon verbena, lime and cointreau round out this late summer concoction.

Ready to kick off happy hour now? Head over to Churchill at 198 Church and sip one of these bad boys for yourself!