Castro District News

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The angle of the sun is changing, the air is getting brisk, and suddenly every food and its cousin is pumpkin spice flavored.

And you know what that means: Castro Street Fair is almost here!

After the mania of Folsom Street Fair, it’s nice attend a weekend event that’s a little less leathered-up and a bit more, I don’t know, fall-themed? (It’s not like Castro Street Fair is any more wholesome than anything else that happens in this city. Perhaps it just feels a bit more laid back?)

But I digress. Here’s a look at this year’s festivities:

The Layout: The fair spans over the a near-rectangular plot of the Castro neighborhood, from Castro Street and 16th Street down to 19th Street, and laterally down 18th Street bookended at Diamond at one end and Noe at the other.

Necessities such as fair production and medical help—because us San Franciscans want to keep everybody healthy and tended to!—will be located along the Market and Castro Street corridor.

The Exhibitors: Really, doesn’t everyone go to street fairs for the awesome local art?

Castro Street Fair is always chalked full of performers and craft masters, boasting over 200 exhibitors and performers.

While we’re on the subject…

The Stages: What Castro event wouldn’t be complete without dancing in the streets and stage performances?! (Really, like you’ve never started a dance party in front of Moby Dick’s before.)

In addition to all the artsy goodness, there will be a number of DJ’s spinning and drag goddesses emcee-ing.

Oh and there’s yoga. Yoga! The “Legends Stage” at Collingwood and 18th will feature an outdoor vinyasa class led Master Yoga Teacher Eric Shaw, followed by “Yoga Trance Dance”—don’t know how yoga and trance music will mix, but it sure sounds like a kick-starter for a good day at the fair!

The Legacy: Honestly, if you don’t go to the Castro Street Fair for any other reason, go because it’s part of the Castro’s history.

Harvey Milk founded the event in 1974, and anything that has withstood a changing city over a four decade span is worth your time.

The 41st annual Castro Street Fair will be held this Sunday, October 5, from 11am until 6pm. For more information please visit