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My Castro visited Catch about a year ago to try its fabulous seafood fair.

So of course I decided that I had to go and pour over everything not listed in that review in order to bring you a new-fangled pre-made menu that you can sample from on your next visit to this Castro neighborhood haven for chickens from the sea.

Catch brings you delicious seafood year round despite what month it is. But, while we forget about it living in California with grocery stores that supply us with whatever seafood we want right in that moment, buying seafood is almost as seasonal as buying fruits and veggies.

So then: What seafood is a best buy late September headed into October?

Oysters and mussels—which, according to the Sunset Magazine seafood buying guide, are good year round—along with halibut, rainbow trout, and spot prawns.

What does that mean for your eating pleasure at Catch?


Oysters on the half shell are a must at this Castro eatery. I’m a fan of blue points, but any kind of their oysters on the half shell are delicious. More of a mussel person? Catch sautés theirs with chorizo and coconut broth for an unexpected kick to the taste buds.

A bit foggy outside on the streets of the Castro? Start your meal off with Catch’s seafood chowder that mixes mussels with tasty clams—a best buy starting in October.


Catch offers both halibut and rainbow trout on its dinner menu. Sure you could order something else. But why would you do that when you know these two options are extra en saison?

The halibut is served with roasted brussels sprouts and some crazy corn-and-carrot puree. It’s topped with a hint of mint that makes your taste buds go “Say what?!”

Prefer the latter option? Catch has you covered, with a pan fried rainbow trout with veggies and greens.


Heck, some of us don’t eat that much. And some of us want to dive into multiple plates when we eat out.

So for those of you that are going to keel over and die if you don’t have a salad, Catch has a couple very delicious options. For something that will truly dance on your tongue, stick your fork into the beet and arugula salad with asiago cheese, lemon vinegarette and toasted walnuts.


You didn’t think we would make food recommendations without also perusing the drink menu, did you?

All the suggested food above—with the exception of the chowder—pairs well with citrus-y sippers.

So of course the tangerine ginger margarita is a good choice, with its blend tangerine and lime and agave with Patron silver. Or perhaps you’re more into something a bit more fancy pants, in which case try the nutty mandarin: Hangar 1 mandarin vodka mixed with orange juice, lime juice and a hint of amaretto.

Of course nothing pairs with seafood like a good white wine, which Catch is very much stocked with. Wash your meal down with a sauvignon blanc or something exotic from their “other whites” menu.

Fiending for seafood yet? Hop on town to Market Street and check out Catch for yourself.