Castro District News

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The Castro loves itself a great stage show, whether it's at the neighborhood bar or outside the neighborhood at one of San Francisco's many live-show hubs.

So when making your New Year's Eve plans, why not take a skip outside the Castro for a trip down a street featuring the raunchiest puppets that have ever graced the theater scene?

That's right, you guessed it: "Avenue Q" has returned to San Francisco and is ready to help you ring in the 2015 like no other.

The Tony-award winning musical masterpiece has set up for an evening at the New Conservatory Theater Center--on Van Ness, just outside of Castro proper--and has had its SF engagement extended into February. (Because of course it has, this is "Avenue Q" that we are talking about here!) But what makes the New Years Eve show so spectacular is that it is capped off with a champagne toast!

Not to mention that the show's theme fits that of the NYE celebration. "Avenue Q" tell the quirky tale of a college grad in New York City in search for the path his life will take, while taking queues from his new neighbors. A story of learning life lesson's while looking forward to the new year? Sounds like a pretty complete night to us!

Plus, the songs are amazing. They will be stuck in your head and have you humming in the shower well into 2015.

Whether you are seeing the show with fresh eyes or are revisiting the show for the bagillionth time, the NYE showing of "Avenue Q" definitely hits a homerun.