Castro District News

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We all know that scene at the end of "A Christmas Story."

No, not the scene when the B.B. gun sends the glasses ricocheting off of Ralphie's face. The scene where the whole family has to go out for Christmas dinner and the only eatery open in the greater Hohman, Indiana area is a Chinese restaurant.

While the scene is meant to seem silly, there's plenty of truth to the fact that many families--whether by blood or by friendship--don't hover around the kitchen preparing a gigantic holiday meal anymore. In fact, many individuals, whether they celebrate Christmas or not, eat out on December 25th. And unlike in this classic holiday flick, there are many open options.

So naturally wee were over the moon when we heard that our favorite Castro eateries, Bisou and Beso, will be open this Thursday.

The delightfully delicious neighborhood spots--we had a wonderful sit down with chef extraordinaire Nick Ronan back in the fall--will be serving its faithful following on two days when many other restaurants will be closed. Since "family" is such a big theme in the bistronomia scene these are the perfect places to celebrate the season.

Beso--the still-very-young tapas spot--will be open both Christmas Eve and Christmas. The romantic spot is small group or new couple celebrating their first Christmas together. (Or perhaps a couple doesn't celebrate Christmas and is looking to have a cozy night out with a good meal.) And just think about celebrating the holiday with that paella!

Its French sister Bisou, located on Market Street, will feature a special Christmas menu, featuring duck--no not the same duck from the "A Christmas Story" restaurant scene--sockeye salmon, you name it. Not to mention two desserts that make our mouths water just from reading the menu. Dins at Bisou on the 24th will cost you 80 bucks a person but hey! you will be getting the best food for your holiday buck!