Castro District News

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Our District Castro neighborhood was shocked this year by two unsolved homicides on the streets of the Triangle, one at Church Street and Duboce Avenue and one at Noe Street and Henry Street.

Local neighborhood associatation DTNA held two crime and safety forums at their General Meetings in November and December of last year, bringing together representatives from the police department, the city government and Board of Supervisors, and local crime-fighting non-profits.

DTNA will continue to push aggressively for police foot patrols in the Castro, and to get these crimes solved so there is an aspect of deterrence. Lower-level “quality of life” crimes like recycling theft, public urination and intoxication, and vandalism have been ongoing concerns in our neighborhood for years. However, DTNA is hopeful that the implementation of Castro Cares will finally make a dent in what has so far been an intractable problem.

For more on the Castro Cares program please click here:

Streetscapes and Intersections With the construction of several new buildings along Market Street, significant funds are becoming available to improve the look of our streets and the safety of our intersections. Already a nice new pedestrian plaza has appeared at Market Street and Dolores Street and a bulb-out was created at the corner of 14th Street and Church Street. But there is far more to do.

DTNA will partner with the folks at Walk SF and Vision Zero to improve safety at the intersections of 15th Street, Sanchez Street, and Market Street as well at 16th Street, Noe Street, and Market Street. We’ll also work closely with them to manage input and design consultation for streetscape upgrades like planter boxes, benches, and street trees and ensure that the results of the Upper Market and Castro Retail Study lead to real improvements in the retail landscape (i.e. vacant storefronts filled with neighborhood-serving businesses).

By: DTNA Staff Writer