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We know the Castro (and San Francisco) is a pricey place to live. So along with our content on how to enjoy the Castro on the cheap (see articles below), we love to highlight all the ways we can save you a little cash.

It’s always nice to save a little paper, right? Or in the words of a shopaholic, it’s nice to pay less for things so we have more money to buy a bunch of other things. So, if you haven’t yet heard of Castro Coupons... do we have a treat for you!

Castro Coupons is brought to you by the Castro Merchants ( If you are a member, then you will get great coupons from neighborhood businesses once a month (and only once a month) to use, share and enjoy!

Castro Coupons has a little something for everyone. Handy coupons for everything from 20 percent off your first massage from Alice K. Charap, Chiropractor to a free knife sharpening at Cliff’s Variety to a $1 shot with a beer purchase at QBar, Midnight Sun, Edge AND Beaux!

Sound good? Get some coupons NOW:

If you’re not a member, don’t worry — you can still get all these fabulous coupons by visiting the Castro Merchants site! All you have to do is go to the site, click your coupon, download it, print it and use it (if you want, you can also werk it and twerk it but that’s entirely up to you)!

What will you do with all the cash you save?

Castro on the Cheap: