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Yeah yeah yeah, the holidays are all about family and giving and peace on Earth.

Girl please! Unless you live in a damn cave shielded from the world like a hobbit, you survive the holidays just like everyone else--by drinking.

Whether it's at the dinner table with your cousins or out of a flask so your Nana doesn't see , boozy concoctions are just as much a part of the greater holiday season as menorahs and mistletoe.

But perhaps you're tired of the usual mulled wine and eggnog. Perhaps you are looking to spice up the liquor cabinet this season. Or heck, maybe you just need to sneak out the back door and down to your favorite Castro watering hole to sip on something new

Fear not, we have you covered. Here are three holiday drinks from the the seasonal menus at some of our favorite Castro bars:

-Nobody does a seasonal drink menu quite like Churchill does--we wrote about their fall menu a few months back!--so of course you can count on them to concoct something to warm your soul over the holidays. Knowing the WWII-themed bar's pension for strong whiskey drinks, this is the place to get a winter-friendly hot toddy. Apple-infused brandy marries itself with rye whiskey, honey, cloves, lemon and ginger. Come on, this mix could even send a warm feeling surging through the Grinch's chest.

-We have already geeked over this Castro staple's "Game Of Thrones" themed drink menu, but they have other sips that prove that winter is coming--er, that winter is here, whatever! We're a fan of their carbonated drink options, and their New Orleans Coffee--bourbon, cold brew coffee and chicory tincture--is sure to make your holiday wish list.

In the mood for a simple brew? The bar is serving a Schmaltz Brewing special "he'brew" Hannukah Chanukah beer.