18th and Castro

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18th Street and Castro Intersection
San Francisco, CA 94114

18th and Castro is the pulsing heart of the GLBT community, meeting place, and, of course, "the" spot for leisure time gay activities. What used to be the intersection for the gay rights movement, today gives way to community and a feeling of home instigated by its proactive community. On any given day, you can walk this intersection and be a part of history while "Gays" can be seen teaming out of every retail store, bar, and restaurant for blocks.

From the corners of 18th and Castro, "The Castro" extends in all directions, bordered by Noe Valley, Diamond Heights, Twin Peaks, Upper Haight, Hayes Valley, and the Mission Districts. From this cozy neighborhood corner, you can find bars, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and great places to people watch.

A visit to 18th and Castro wouldn't be complete without a stop for a burger at Harvey's, (named after our famous civil rights leader and former district supervisor) and a coffee to shake off the food coma from "Bear Bucks," casually termed for the vast amount of what are known as gay hairy men that invade the doorway.

The community has always been known for throwing great parties, so you won't find it unusual that some of the most frequent and best parties happen here. The most notable would be the Pink Party during San Francisco Gay Pride, a festive ritual to celebrate and support continued diversity. On any other weekend, whatever your reason for partying, these corners are a stone's throw from countless watering holes. The most popular and the newest additions include Q bar, Toad Hall, Badlands, The Mix, and The Café. Each of these bars is a diverse delight with one thing in common: heavy handed drinks.

You literally can't miss 18th and Castro when you're visiting our neighborhood. Make sure to stop and take a look around; fully appreciate the history that surrounds you whether you're running errands during the day, bar-hopping at night, or enjoying the countless other activities throughout the Castro.