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Bevan Dufty's mayoral aspirations were recently in trouble, but an endorsement from the Victory Fund may help the former city supervisor became San Francisco's first openly gay mayor. How exciting this would be for Castro District San Francisco.

Duffy has our support at My Castro San Francisco does he have yours? The Victory Fund, which works to elect LGBT candidates to higher office like Houston Mayor Annise Parker, recently announced their endorsement of Dufty for mayor of San Francisco. An endorsement that Castro residents are glad to see. Edwin Lee, the current mayor, is serving out the rest of Gavin Newsom's term, as he was elected last year as California's lieutenant governor. A mayoral election will take place in November and Lee will not be one of the people running.

Since the endorsement by Victory Fund immediate splashes have been felt. The San Francisco Weekly reports that the Victory Fund endorsement will help Dufty increase donors to his campaign. "Dufty remains one of the most popular politicians, and comes from the largest voting district, which puts him in a strong position," reports the Weekly. "More importantly, he can now access money from LGBT communities across the nation, which will help him make a comeback in this race." Cheer him on Castro San Francisco!