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By, Martin Shen, CEO and co-Founder of UpOut

San Francisco has this crazy weird beautiful mix of culture and events. This city’s got everything from wine tasting to lightsaber training. And while these events can be life-changing, finding the right ones can be hard. Below are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned about picking the right events to go to:

Location Location Location!
This city is all about neighborhoods. Hipsters in the Mission. Frat row in the Marina. When someone decides to put an event on, it’s gonna rep the neighborhood. In general, it’s best to pick events in neighborhoods you like so if the event isn’t good, you can always pop next door. The big exception are events in completely random locations... those tend to be the best because they know the event is so good, you’ll travel to it.

The When
When the event is says a lot about it. Monday through Wednesday is locals night. Take it easy, see a small concerts, check out an art shows or take a class. Thursdays are when the weekend starts with a few dance parties and happy hours. The weekend brings on daytime chilling and nighttime fun. Just pace yourself.

Plan Ahead
Try to make your plans at least a week in advance. This way you won’t miss out on tickets for hot shows, take advantage of presale pricing and make sure your friends are free.

Weather Can Suck
SF’s weather is usually pretty sunny and warm enough but some days are just miserable. Damp cold combined with wind is gonna be a bad time. Weather can make or break a beach party so be sure to check ahead.

Who’s Hosting?
Some people just know how to throw a great party. SF has a great Burner crowd who know the best DJs, artists and people that bring together great events. A lot of the newcomers to the event promotion scene don’t know how to put high quality stuff together. Rule of thumb: the wackier the hosts, the better the event.

After the Party is the After Party
Unfortunately, San Francisco’s bars and clubs stop serving booze at 2am. That doesn’t mean the party has to stop. Text a few friends and ask around for a after hours spots. Can’t find any? Mighty, DNA Lounge and Boom Boom Room open past 2am and The Endup never closes.