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By Brittany Doohan


When you think of a parade or festival — you may not automatically think clean air and compost bins. Well, a parade in San Francisco, not surprisingly, focuses on just that. This year, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and Celebration is making an effort to keep things clean, green and healthier!

Firstly, everything you eat and drink from will be 100 percent compostable and made from naturally derived materials — and SF Pride does not allow vendors to use plastic bags. For several years, SF pride has required merchants and food exhibitors to use and distribute 100 percent compostable plates, cups and other materials.

When you’re done, be sure to put your compostables in the compost bins! “To ensure greener events each and every year — at SF Pride and as per the city's Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance which requires everyone in San Francisco to separate their refuse into recyclables, compostables and landfill trash — SF Pride is in compliance with current regulations and is an industry leader with respect to an event of our size and scale,” said Earl L. Plante, the CEO of San Francisco Pride.

SF Pride will provide disposal cans marked trash, recycling and compost. These bins will be large and easily accessible all through the Pride celebration and Civic Center. If you’re unsure how to use them, study the guide below:

It’s true that some people don’t care about the earth, but even if you don’t — don’t be a dick, put your waste in the proper place. SF Pride is working hard to reduce their ecological footprint as they continue to pioneer green event practices.

“We do 3 FAN recycling and our goal is in keeping with the City's goal of Zero Waste. We also strive to create networking opportunities to discuss emerging best practices with event greening companies like Recology throughout the year," said Plante.

Also, if you smoke, you may have to take your ciggy elsewhere. Civic Center Plaza and UN Plaza are designated as official smoke-free spaces for San Francisco Pride 2013. These smoke-free spaces will help eliminate second-hand smoke for attendees — especially for those who are particularly vulnerable, such as seniors, youth, and people with HIV/AIDS, heart disease and asthma. In keeping with SF Pride’s vision of a Green and Clean event, this will also reduce cigarette-related litter.

Visit the smoke-free spaces at Civic Center Plaza including the 60+ Space, The Family Garden, UN Plaza, and the Faerie Freedom Village.

Celebrate LGBT pride, clean air and wellness for our entire community!