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By Robert Friedman

We’re told that deep in the 1960s culture wars, one of the most contentious questions you could pose was, "Are you a Bewitched person or an I Dream of Jeannie person?" Partisans rioted, friendships were lost. Out There is not one to reveal preference, but is excited to announce that in 2011, Jeannie will reign supreme at the Castro Theatre as imp-ressario Marc Huestis presents I Dream of Barbara Eden live and in-person, on Sunday, July 10.

Yes, Jeannie herself comes out (of the bottle) for a summer gay-la to end all summer gay-las. And Huestis is absolutely barking mad with delight. Listen to him go! "There’ll be a live interview with the iconic Barbara Eden, there’ll be belly-dancing superstars busting out of a huge paper-mache bottle, there’ll be crooner Arturo Galster singing ’Harper Valley PTA’ [Eden starred in the TV flick based on the hit song], there’ll be a fabulous ’Jeannie look-alike contest’ open to all cummers, there’ll be a clip reel above and beyond all previous clip reels, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of Barbara being crowned Miss San Francisco 1951 [Eden grew up in our little burg, and actually attended City College], there’ll be a super-special and deeply moving commemorative presentation fit for a queen." Or, in the case of the expected audience, several queens.

Well, we do love queens - particularly ones that live in/out of a bottle (we know several). So we’re dizzy with delight and now Marc-ing our calendars. If you’d like more info on the big shoe, call (415) 863-0611. Ask for Master Marconi and get $5 off the ticket-price, what a deal.