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Check out these supportive men Castro San Francisco. Nous Model Management's men's division has recruited more than two dozen of its male models to sign their exclusive Shepard Fairey "Defend Equality, Love Unites" poster in support of marriage equality. A poster that we will have here at My Castro San Francisco!

We urge all of you in Castro San Francisco to support this cause! The poster, spearheaded by Nous Model's men's director David Todd, and featuring signatures including that of rugby star and model Nick Youngquest (pictured), will be sold at auction to benefit grassroots marriage equality charity FAIR. A charity that needs all of our support. So get out there Castro San Francisco.

The group has been overseeing the long-running poster project and will be presenting a gallery show in early summer, the proceeds from which will be used to underwrite grants to support under-funded activists and organizations who are advancing the marriage equality movement in California and beyond. This cause demands our support Castro San Francisco.

To date, more than 100 celebrities have signed posters in support of marriage rights. To see more of these models click here: