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By Brittany Doohan

[Photo: Matt/Instagram]

It’s five o’clock somewhere — and it’s time for a whale of a drink! Head over to Moby Dick, one of Castro’s oldest bars — hang out with some friendly people, play a round of pinball and enjoy a stiff drink.

In 1979, what used to be The Corner Store became the almighty Moby Dick Bar. While many things have changed in the 30 years Moby Dick’s been around, one thing remains — it will always a friendly, affordable neighborhood bar. One of the characteristics that the bar is most proud of is that they’ve gained a following of familiar faces who have been coming to the bar for years, but they also have an undeniable appeal that constantly brings in new customers.

“Anchored by a 250 gallon salt-water tank above the bar and a fun and friendly staff behind it, Moby Dick is the Castro District’s most enduring neighborhood bar.”


On most nights, you can count on a packed bar. They play top hit jams and videos on their small TVs, but the focus here is always on the crowd, the bar and the pool table in the back. “Good music videos; cheap, stiff drinks served in mugs; non-assholey bartenders; hot, older patrons that ain't about posing and sh*t; and a pinball machine, bitch!” said Eric T., Long Beach, CA.

Not only is this a great place to hang out any old night, but they have events, too! Dick @ Nite, a weekly Wednesday night event, draws the curtains on some sexy rumpus adventure. It’s always changing, but always fun. The only way to discover what this sexy rumpus entails is to actually go. “This is your night. Curtains are drawn. Lights go down...It's not the same as last week, or the week before, but there is the familiar smell of men, and the uniquely pleasing sounds from the DJ inviting you to feel the night. What's it going to be tonight?”


During the spring and summer months, Moby Dick also hosts two softball teams! The team names are: the Moby Dick C-Men, and the Moby Dick Whalers. Sundays at the bar are an especially festive occasion because the C-Men and the Whalers stop by after their games — hopefully celebrating a victory! For more info, head here:

Moby Dick
4049 18th St
(between Noe St & Hartford St)
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 861-1199