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4121 18th Street @ Castro Street
San Francisco

BADLANDS - May 1, 2010

Badlands Castro District bar nightclub dance club San FranciscoWild video screens and its circular dance floor make Badlands one of the Castro's most frequented and popular nightclubs. The Dance floor is a circle in shape with plenty of room for on lookers to sip their martinis and toss back 2 for 1 Long Islands during happy hour. (Be sure to come in between 3-9pm.)

Badlands is a smooth blend of both young and the old. Nestled on the block of 18th and Castro there is never a dull moment with plenty to see.

The line to get in to the bar can get long on the weekends but it moves quickly. Once inside be sure to check out the nightly drink specials. They are constantly changing. The bartenders are friendly and most importantly pour HEAVY. A drink at badlands is like a double anywhere else in the city. For this reason alone (and the dance floor,) Badlands will always be a good time.

The great thing about Badlands is it's consistency. Despite the fact that there is always a weekend cover, the bathrooms smell, the dance floor is crowded and involves lots of elbows, it's always fun to let loose to a Beyonce classic with your friends. The trick with Badlands is to get in early. It gets BUSY. The vibe is always upbeat and friendly. The Music is an eclectic mix of pop, hip-hop, eighties and remixes. It is not uncommon to be grooving to Britney and then shaking it to Ace of Base.

What is most surprising about the Badlands experience is just how much more staff there is on hand to assist your bar hoping experience. With almost always double the bartenders than any other Castro bar, bar-backs, and coat check boys about the bar is always free of empty glassware and service is quicker than anywhere else. The other great thing about Badlands is that there is NEVER a line for the smelly bathrooms. You laugh now, but rest assured after your fourth (or fifth) gin and tonic you are most appreciative that the bathroom line is non-existent.

With video screens blaring the latest pop tunes and a large enough dance floor to be just enough Badlands is a Castro staple for any would be gay (or gay friendly) on a weekend night. Be sure to make it for happy hour to get warmed up for grooving to beat the crowds as weekends get very crowded. With friendly, heavy handed bartends, the vivacious atmosphere and even better dance grooves will keep you returning to Badlands time and time again.

Written and Reviewed by Rod G. Arguile - May 1, 2010