Castro District News

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The latter half of November tends to be the times that all of our family and friends decide that they are going to come into the city and expect you to entertain them. Which can add to your holiday season stress because: how do you keep the different members of your family entertained all at the same time without dropping money at a pricey restaurant or leaving the kids at home that can’t go to the bars?

Why not introduce them to some Castro neighborhood history whilst educating and entertaining? (I mean really, not everyone is down for 11 pm drag shows and after hours go-go dancing.)

The Castro is quite proud of its roots and has plenty of outlets that boast its colorful background. From museum exhibits to workshops, we have found all the ways to feed your need for a day out and about in the gayborhood.

GLBT History Museum: The main gallery of countries only stand-alone museum dedication to LGBT art and history has recently been remodeled and has an extensive new exhibit for you to take in. Their “Queer Past Becomes Present” showing is the gallery’s first new exhibition since 2011 and is packed with exciting topics including a look at the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk. Please visit the museum’s website for information on viewing times.

Harvey Milk Photo Center: Venture up across Duboce Park to take in the newest exhibition located on the floor level of the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts. San Francisco native and well-renowned photographer Fred Lyon is the subject of the latest exhibit, which shows photos capturing SF in the late 1940s. The exhibit will be showing until the first week of January. Please check out the Photography Center’s website for more details.

Sunday Afternoon At The Chapel: Looking for something to kick back and enjoy on the Sunday before Thanksgiving week? Singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn makes an appearance courtesy of Books Inc. on November 23, to discuss his memoir “Rumors of Glory.” For more info on tickets and such, please visit

Seth Rogan at the Castro Theatre: There’s at least one person in your company—hey, maybe it’s you!—who is a die-hard Seth Rogan fan and won’t want to miss him and partner in crime Evan Goldberg at the Castro Theatre on November 18. The dynamic duo will be discussing their careers and its place in “contemporary comedy” and will be followed by a screening of their latest movie “The Interview” which stars—who else—James Franco. Oh, and tickets are only $20. 20 bucks to see Seth Rogan! For more information, visit