Castro District News

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Need a day filled with sunshine and rainbows? Take yourself on a little tour of the Castro District and visit these seven hot spots to get your rainbow fix.

See it:

1. The Pride Flag — Market and Castro Streets

On the corner of Market and Castro Streets, look up to find the iconic Pride Flag, waiving its proud rainbow stripes in the San Francisco sky.

2. Rainbow Glass at Fork Cafe — 469 Castro Street

Fork Cafe is know for their great sandwiches (like their crispy chicken sandwich with crispy fries) and a stiff Bloody Mary — but once seated inside (or on the patio) you can view the beautiful rainbow glass running along the walls while you enjoy your meal.

Taste it:

3. "Rainbow" Potatoes at Kitchen Story — 3499 16th Street

These tots come in all the colors that potatoes come in — and they’re delicious. (We’re not too upset that there aren’t any green ones on the plate.) How about some "Rainbow" potatoes with a side of their famous "Millionaire’s" bacon! Now that’s a breakfast dream come true.

4. Double Rainbow Ice Cream at Castro Tarts — 564 Castro Street

Order some delicious Double Rainbow ice cream from Castro Tarts’ delicious rainbow menu! Not only do they have a plethora of sweet treats, but you can get your Vietnamese sandwich or Pho fix as well.

5. Castro Cookie at Thorough Bread and Pastry — 248 Church Street

If you want a mouth full of rainbow heaven (because, who doesn’t), head over to Thorough Bread and Pastry and try their Castro Cookie! All the colors, all the deliciousness in your mouth.

Wear it:

6. Rainbow Everything at Cliff’s Variety — 479 Castro Street

Cliff’s Variety has got everything from rainbow boas and rainbow tutus to rainbow flags and rainbow eyelashes. The only way to see what other rainbow goodies Cliff’s has, is to rainbow-see for yourself. Rainbows.

7. Rainbow Goodies for You and Your Goodies at Under One Roof — 518A Castro Street

Under One Roof is a non-profit store that raises money for community-based agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area that provide assistance for the HIV/AIDS and LGBT populations. It’s also a great place to get condoms in every color.