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Pollo del Mar — a San Francisco-based drag performer, host, emcee, Bay Area-based journalist and social media maven — just released her latest dance music track on iTunes! We sat down with her and got the deets on her newest song: "#WhiteLadyProblems:"

MC: Your song was just released on iTunes — how exciting! How was the fan reaction been so far?

Pollo Del Mar: Honestly, my fans are so amazing! They are so supportive of everything I do — and I love using music as another means to make them laugh. The truly exciting part, for me, is how supportive and positive responses from DJs around the country and world have been to the official #WhiteLadyProblems package. There are 11 remixes, and club and dance radio DJs seem to be really behind the track. That’s very exciting!! My friend and Bay Area radio legend St. John even debuted #WhiteLadyProblems on his weekly House Nation show on 99.7 Now FM. Talk about a dream come true!

MC: Where did you get the inspiration for your song "#whiteladyproblems?"

PDM: The song’s producer and Swishcraft Records head Matt Consola actually came to me with the idea. Ultimately, #WhiteLadyProblems skewers how our society thinks. We get so caught up in ‘luxury problems,’ we forget the real problems our world faces. We’re complaining how crappy our $7 Starbucks is while stepping over the homeless. And I loved the chance to politicize my drag with the song’s tongue-in-cheek reads!

MC: Who worked with you on the song?

PDM: Swishcraft Records label owner Matt Consola and DJ James Torres actually produce #WhiteLadyProblems. Leo Frappier, who is also featured on this track, recommended me for the song. I actually went into the studio with all three to record a demo, but halfway through, it went from an audition to the real thing. It was such a fun, exciting process. I loved working with this team. I really hope this song is as big of a success as we imagined it would be – that way we can go back for Part 2!

MC: Will you be performing it live in the Castro? 

PDM: At the moment, our focus is getting clubs in San Francisco and around the world to add #WhiteLadyProblems to their New Year’s Eve set lists. With so many mixes, it fits almost any type of set. While I don’t currently have a live performance in the works, close friends DJ Christopher B and DJ MC2 will be adding it to Castro-area sets very soon, I hope!!

MC: Tell us more about your music. Where you've been, where you're at, and where you're hoping to go:

PDM: Music, especially dance music, is something I have always been incredibly passionate about — but never dreamed I would be making! Combining my love for music and some of the wit and humor which (I hope!) define my drag allows me to interact with fans in all new ways. From my debut "How Embarrassing" in 2011 to a duet with multiple-time Billboard-charting artist Kwanza Jones last year to this, even I don’t know what is next! Music is an adventure I never expected — but am thoroughly enjoying. I already have a few very exciting new projects in the works; 2014 should be an amazing year for me!

Download the song now!