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By Brittany Doohan


Pesce, one of San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants of 2013, is moving to the Castro District! This 13-year-old restaurant, that used to be in Russian Hill on Polk Street, will be starting anew at the former Jake’s location on Market (2223 Market Street).

So why are they moving? Yelp reviewers yelped, and Pesce listened. Yelp reviews often mention how small the current space on Polk is, so they’re moving to the Castro to settle down in a larger space.

Pesce (which is Italian for fish) is owned by Italian chef Ruggero Gadaldi and is popular for its unique flair on Venetian-inspired seafood. Gadaldi offers his take on cicchetti, which are small plates that include oyster shots, grilled sardines and tuna bolognese. Pesce also offers a few larger plates like whole roasted fish, milk-braised pork with gnocchi, or spaghetti with lobster, saffron, tomato and brandy cream sauce.

[Photo: Yelp, Lin. L]

The current interior on Polk has a large, sexy zinc bar and is adorned with teak shelving, mahogany paneling and hexagonal floor tiles. Hopefully those design elements will be reflected in the new Castro Pesce, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


The new place on Market is prospected to open in August 2013. Pesce will be joining the many other delicious seafood restaurants in the Castro District such as Catch, Anchor Oyster, and Woodhouse Fish Company. With most of those restaurants being pretty small themselves and always buzzing, the Castro welcomes Pesce with open arms. Can’t have too many delicious seafood joints! Amirite?

[Photo: Yelp, Karhee L.]

Pesce Seafood Bar: